Authentic Drive-in Theatre owners, lessee operators, general managers and managers of permanently constructed, currently operating commercial drive-in motion picture theatres.

Any person or persons applying for membership in the UDITOA must be of good moral character, reputation and ethics.

An Authentic Drive-In Theater is a permanently constructed commercial motion picture drive-in theatre of which the main purpose of the property is the outdoor exhibition of motion pictures for patrons in vehicles using professional DCI compliant Digital projectors or 35mm or 70mm film.

Authentic Drive-In screens are permanent structures constructed with Steel, Wood, or concrete or otherwise permanent structures. Authentic Drive-Ins featuring multiple screens will include at least one permanent screen anchored into the ground which meets the above standards.

All UDITOA Authentic Drive-Ins must meet the official set of projection, sound, and building standards listed here

If you have any questions that cannot be answered on our About Us page or in our FAQ section, feel free to email us from the contact page.  Be sure to read the membership types below to help you determine the membership fee as well as additional requirements.

UDITOA Membership application in Microsoft Word format
UDITOA Membership application in Adobe PDF format

Return completed application form and membership dues to:

Membership Secretary

P.O. Box 24771
Middle River, MD  22110

The UDITOA Board of Directors reserves the right to determine eligibility and qualification of all applicants before granting membership.

(international applicants must pay by international money order).

Full Voting Membership
Drive-in owners, lessee operators, general managers of permanently constructed, currently operating commercial drive-in motion picture theatres qualify for full voting membership. One who leases or manages a drive-in and is forced to vacate the theatre through no fault of his own due to the sale of the property by the owner, may continue membership with the Board of Directors' permission provided the applicant is actively seeking another outdoor motion picture theatre to purchase, lease or manage for the purpose of commercially exhibiting filmed entertainment.

$125.00 domestic/international.

Individual Associate Membership (non-voting)
Open to managers employed by Full Voting Members and also to Retired former Full Voting Members of the Association.

$30 domestic/international.

Corporate Associate Membership (non-voting)
Open to individuals working in businesses servicing the drive-in industry.

UDITOA Corporate Associate Membership application in Adobe PDF format
UDITOA Corporate Associate Membership application in MS Word format

$125 domestic/international.

The Authentic Drive-In Theatres owned by members will be listed in UDITOA’s official Drive-In Theatre website www.authenticdriveins.com.

Members will receive periodic newsletters, a member directory (via .pdf), and invites to regular zoom calls.

Additionally, full voting members will receive a certificate and a decal.

Dues are payable by September 30th of each year.

Members who become part of UDITOA at any time after September 30th will receive all back issues of the UDITOA news periodical dating to October/November.

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